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Thai yoga

Sometimes called “lazy man’s yoga,” Thai Yoga is performed on mats, fully clothed, and takes the receiver through a rhythmic progression of gentle stretching. The result is at once both relaxing and energizing.

For people who have a regular yoga practice, Thai Yoga is a great way to focus on specific areas that may require more attention and assistance than a typical “potpourri” public yoga class can offer.

For those who have never tried yoga, and worry that “I’m just not flexible enough,” Thai Yoga is a great way to start to work out the kinks and tightness that are a result of normal everyday living.

Athletes can benefit from Thai Yoga as it increases flexibility, reduces soreness and relieves tension while quieting the mind to aid in peak performance.

Thai Yoga has been known to help sufferers of chronic muscle or joint pain, headaches, and stress. Everyone can benefit from relieving muscular tension, improving circulation, boosting the immune system and balancing the body energetically.

I also use the tools I’ve learned in Reiki training to bring an even deeper level of relaxation and meditation to the Thai yoga experience.

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