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I’m thrilled to offer you my yoga and anatomy DVD, Healing with Yoga – Yoga for Balancing Musculature. Dr. Joseph E. Muscolino and I collaborated on this project, and in this 3 DVD set, you’ll receive over 3 hours of content. Choose to go straight through an all-levels yoga practice focusing on one muscle group at a time, or watch each anatomy, functionality and palpation description of the muscle groups before each group of yoga poses. Either way you choose to view it, start expanding your experiential understanding of the anatomy of the human body.

This DVD set is a must for yoga instructors and practitioners, massage therapists, structural integration practitioners, athletic trainers, physical and occupational therapists, chiropractic and osteopathic physicians. Any yoga practitioner or professional, from beginner to advanced, who wants to learn the connection between the anatomy of the human body and how the body moves through yoga poses will find this DVD worthwhile.

The 3 DVD set is $49.95, plus shipping. Studios and orders of more than 10 sets, please contact me directly by clicking HERE to find out about bulk discounts! To purchase your copy now, click the Buy Now button below!