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My Yoga

From my very first yoga class I was hooked. Here’s why:

  • When I practice, I remember that life is good. When I teach, it’s about empowering the student, instilling light-heartedness, and bringing joy to my practice and my classes.
  • The centering. I love to begin my classes with a centering to settle in, settle down, and recognize our connection to something bigger.
  • The Theme. My classes have a heart-oriented theme focused on cultivating a certain quality of heart or mind. The theme helps me to connect with my own power, and energetically helps my to line up in my poses. I try to offer the same to my students.
  • The body alignment. Alignment allows me to practice without pain, and to line my body up in such a way that each pose feels both stable and free.
  • The breath. The breath calls forth every movement. My breath has taught me that I don’t need to react in every situation, but instead can respond, from my highest Self.
  • The community. I love practicing with other people who love practicing. And I love teaching people who love practicing.
  • My goal? To enable each student to leave the class feeling better about his or herself than when they came in, with a realization of their own greatness.