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What I love about Jeanine is the ease and grace of her presence that she brings to every assisted yoga session with me. The minute she greets me, her energy reminds me that it’s time to relax and let go. My favorite thing about her work is the silent flow of the session which is conducted with intuitive sensitivity, intelligent expertise and humble professionalism. I highly recommend anyone who is ready to feel fantastic to get on Jeanine’s schedule before too many people find out about her awesome work!
- Carol Piro, Norwalk 

Jeanine works magic with her assisted yoga. The stage she sets on the mat is one of safety in which one can relax mind, body and spirit and release completely into the safety of her mat and her charge. For me, it is healing and relaxing for my body, soul and mind. She is a gifted healer.
- Caroline Temple, Stratford 

I have to admit, I didn’t really know what assisted yoga was but I figured if Jeanine was training in the art of assisted yoga it must be something good! What a surprise! It was both relaxing and energizing. What I know about Jeanine is when she makes a decision to do something, she does it 200%. Her assisted yoga practice is no different. It is her positive and healing energy in her technique that will keep me coming back.
- Kimberly Andrews, Westport 

I always leave the assisted yoga sessions feeling very relaxed, centered and grounded. Jeanine was able to meet me – an athlete who struggled with serious injuries for years – at my edge respectfully by being sensitive to my bodily response, without any discomfort at all but with the right therapeutic pressure, even during the times I was injured. She takes a lot of pride in her craft and it definitely shows in her abilities.
- Drew Teer, New York

In doing assisted yoga, Jeanine is extremely respectful and aware of the pain in my joints. She is always sure to make adjustments to prevent further injury while gently stretching. Her assisted yoga really helped me feel better, not only where I had pain but everywhere.
–Christina Brasco, New Haven 

Jeanine performs assisted yoga like a ballet.  I left my first session with Jeanine feeling the most opened and released from myself than ever before.  Her assisted yoga is a truly transformative experience.
– Marisa Poverman, Singapore